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Shea Homes Arizona Chooses New Homes Directory

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 / New Homes

Shea Homes Arizona Chooses New Homes

" is so easy to navigate and doesn't have all the clutter of other industry websites. We love it!" states Lynnae Clore, Sales Communication Coordinator Shea Homes – Arizona.

New Homes is delighted about working with Lynnae Clore. Ms. Clore is diligent, an effective communicator and very knowledgeable about on-line media. New Homes has delivered quality traffic and buyers to Shea Homes’ Arizona community websites for the past two years.

Shea Homes is proud to present more than 25 neighborhoods throughout the Phoenix region, from Chandler and Maricopa to Gilbert and Peoria. They include the exceptionally desirable master-planned communities of Totosa and Rancho Mirage in Maricopa, Old Stone Ranch and Avalon in Chandler, Seville Golf & Country Club in Gilbert, Canyon Trails in Goodyear and Vistancia in Peoria. Choices range from attainably priced homes for first-time buyers to grand-scale residences of incomparable spaciousness and luxury as well as three acclaimed Trilogy communities for active adults...the full spectrum of new homes in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Shea Homes Arizona has new communities in the following areas: Casa Grande, Chandler, Chino Valley, Gilbert, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Maricopa, Peoria, Phoenix, and Queen Creek.

New Homes is a revolutionary marketing company maximizing Internet positioning and user friendly design in order to capture new home seekers on the Internet.

With about 86% of buyers today starting their home search on the Internet, finding a home online can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When home buyers begin searching for homes they usually do not know the names of the local builders, much less the names of communities or where to find them. Since buyers do have an idea of where they want to live, what size home they need, and how much they want to spend, New Homes simply eliminates the haystack.

New Homes has now expanded its network into the Press Release media space at the home building industry’s only dedicated press release media site. It has been widely embraced by industry professionals with over 140 press releases submitted in the first 50 days! This free application is driving builder information deeper into the Internet and stories are already found on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN searches.

Other New Homes Directory press releases include:
Pardee Homes | K Hovnanian | DR Horton

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