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A Fully Automated Experience for the Next Generation of Homebuyers

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 /

With the recession behind us, housing and the economy are making a comeback. Now more than ever, home builders are looking to the future and focusing on today’s consumer by building homes and creating a home buying experience that speaks to a new generation. 

Much has changed since 2006 when people were lining up to buy a home. But, what’s on the other side is truly next level amazing. The home of the future is going to be a fully automated experience: digital and accessible from fingertips. After all, NextGen buyers want their home to mirror their lives.


It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two years since Apple released its first iPad. Now, people cannot live without them. And smart builders are not only designing homes that can be controlled remotely from an iPad, but are creating robust applications that guide buyers through the new home process – from beginning to end, as they shop for, purchase and eventually move into their new home.


Builders, like Lennar with their myLennar iPad App, are finding that the iPad can provide a digital hub their customers can use to for everything they need. The App interacts with buyers when they start looking for a home. Once they begin the purchase process, buyers can apply for their mortgage, connect their TV, Internet and Cable, get their home insured, change their address, send e-cards to their friends and family as well as learn about some very helpful moving tips to ease the overall process. Yes…there’s a APP for that.


Builders are also using iPads to boost their business. Augusta, GA builder Keystone Homes manages every step of the construction process straight from their tablet, while many other builders have made iPads the center of their sales centers and model homes. Having an easily portable device that can store all of your information from documents and building plans to construction photos and videos has made the load a little lighter for many homebuilders nationwide.


When is comes to homebuilding, the iPad is a nearly perfect fit. Buyers have access to digital checklists, review floorplans, details, specifications, and can create digital design boards without sales people and design specialist having to lug about large, cumbersome files and heavy binders.  That’s so 2000 and late. Buyers are on the cutting edge. That’s why builders need to be there too. The iPad makes is easy, fun and accessible.


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Thanks for the intel! What digital software do you recommend?

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