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Are Home Builders Still Hosting Events?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 /

Homebuilders and developers might think that events are out of the question because of small or nonexistent budgets, but there are inventive ways to create events that come with little or no costs attached.
Strategic Partnerships

Carol Ruiz, redrocketLA

The first step is to form strategic partnerships with brands that complement yours and that attract a similar demographic.  Select a brand that holds regular events and is looking for a free venue in which to hold them.
As an illustration, on behalf of our client, an ultra modern condo development in the heart of Hollywood with zero budget for advertising, a client of our formed a partnership with a high-end magazine in Los Angeles that holds events on a weekly basis.  We offered them a rent-free unit in the building for a year in exchange for a year of advertising in the magazine along with a series of events that the magazine’s publishing staff would produce at no cost to our client.
The events ranged from an underground art event in the project’s vast underground parking garage that drew 500 attendees to an invitation only “Chefs Night Out” awards event held poolside. Each event brought qualified traffic to the project and led to multiple sales. And, because our partner was a media company, we were given coverage of the events on the magazine’s online version as well as in print issues.
There may be organizations and companies in your community, such as museums, libraries, restaurants and media outlets that are looking for unique co-branding opportunities in nontraditional settings.   Look for the brands that will drive the most qualified traffic to your site, think about events that will provide a visual element or newsworthy angle to attract press, get creative and have fun!

Carol Flammer, mRELEVANCE

No matter where you look these days, people are cutting back and looking to save money. The same can be said for marketing budgets of both big and small companies. While traditional advertising is being replaced by social media (blogs, twitter, facebook etc…); events are still a viable option for companies looking to attract attention without spending lots of money.

For example, one of our clients, a luxurious high rise condominium in Atlanta recently partnered with Niemen’s for an exclusive fashion event at their building. Using the leverage of their name in the greater Atlanta community also opened up the opportunity for them to obtain sponsors at no cost.

The event also helped our client to secure media coverage by providing a special event that attracted attention from numerous high end publications. While it does take some time to plan a quality event, when it does come together it appears to be effortless. When the event doesn't cost the client a penny, it is even better!

Event Planning Tips:

  • Budget…how much is your client willing to spend
  • Date of Event…make sure it does not coincide with a similar event
  • Sponsors....what brands should we partner with?
  • Media Coverage…ask yourself if this is something the media will be interested in
  • Guests…have the right people been invited?
  • Photos…make sure you have the proper photos to send to the media
  • Invitations…while it seems like a no-brainer, make sure to include sponsors, date and time of event. You also want to know how many people are coming.


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