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Best Time to Pitch a Story

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 /

Do you have the perfect story to share with the media? Are you wondering when you should pitch it? In today's constantly connected world, it really can be confusing. As social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, we are all connected to our technological gadgets 24/7. This does change the way we handle everything from work to play. As we remain persistently connected to technology, lines are beginning to blur and it seems that anything goes when it comes to the best time to pith a story. However, there are still a few tips to keep in mind if you want to be heard.

• Review editorial calendars for timely pitches. Make sure you know what’s happening daily, weekly and monthly at your preferred publications. If a publication is writing stories about your industry on a specific day, week or month, you’re more likely to have your story picked up during that time.

• Never pitch a story on a reporter’s deadline. Reporters are busy people. If you pitch on a reporter’s deadline not only will you not be heard, but your news is likely to get lost.

• Never pitch a story when there is breaking news happening. I know this seems obvious, but it happens a lot. If the reporter is following the story it is likely that your story will just get lost in the chaos of the moment.

• For a better chance of success, pitch your story Monday through Thursday at an off hour. Many reporters have deadlines at the end of the week, and your story will likely be lost if pitched at that time. Also, you can make yourself stand out by pitching your content at an off time such as 10:42 a.m. rather than 10 a.m.

Get to know the reporters and they will let you know the best time to pitch them, and their prefered method of receiving a pitch -- phone, email, fax, Tweet, Facebook, etc.

For more information on how you can effectively reach the media and your various audiences, make sure to ASK Carol! East Coast Carol (aka Carol Flammer queen of blogs) can be reached at or West Coast Carol (aka Carol Ruiz, known for tweeting about food trucks to sell condos) can be reached at



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