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Top Three Ways to Distribute Content

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 / mRELEVANCE

You have timely, news worthy information about your newest community, sales successes and new plans. You want to get it out, but how do you go about distributing your content? Today, content distribution is a combination of traditional practices with a fresh new take geared towards the members of Gen-Y now entering the workforce. Below are the top three ways to get your information out.


  1. Pitching: (No, we aren't talking about baseball!) A tried and true practice, pitching is still a very effective way to score a story with a major media outlet. Many times newspapers (and other members of the media) don’t want to compete with each other for stories. By pitching the story you have the opportunity to provide a reporter with exclusive information. Once the story runs in their publication you can release it to other publications. 
  2. Press Releases: (A PR staple. The press release is not dead.) Another well used practice throughout the years. Press releases are an excellent way to reach a large number of people at one time.
  3. Social Media: The newest trend in content distribution. It’s fast, it reaches millions of people with the single click of a mouse and it’s relevant to today’s society. From online press releases (like the ones you like to add to NHDBuzz) to blogging, social media provides an instant platform for your information. Plus, you can incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) to skyrocket your content to the top of the list and burst through the noise.

For more information on how you can effectively reach the media and your various audiences, make sure to ASK Carol! East Coast Carol (aka Carol Flammer queen of blogs) can be reached at or West Coast Carol (aka Carol Ruiz, known for tweeting about food trucks to sell condos) can be reached at




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