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Why Builders Need to Get Comfortable with Google+

Thursday, September 13, 2012 /

We can hear the sighs as you are reading this. Really??? Another social network? Who wants to join another social network? I tweet. I post. I upload. I pin and I blog. Now you’re telling me to add Google+. There better be a good reason.

Well, there’s one really good one. It’s called Google. Facebook is by far the most popular social network, but Google is still the most popular website in the world.  When people are looking for a new home do you think they are more likely to jump on Facebook or Google? Exactly. When they tie a social network to the largest search engine on the planet – it’s time to pay attention. Even the most reluctant social media marketers and community managers are feeling the pressure to get up to speed.

What’s that? Google+ is a ghost town. You hear crickets when you log on. What’s the benefit if nobody is on the site?  Admittedly, Google+’s network of roughly 100 million relatively inactive users still has a long way to go to build up its community to rival Facebook’s very active and loyal 800 million. But, you can be sure that Google has a plan to adopt users just like it does with all of its products, but with Google+ the plan is bigger than any other service it’s ever launched.

Here are a few powerful reasons to become active on Google+:

·         The Power of the "+1": Every SINGLE Google service, like Mail, Reader and YouTube is integrated with Google+.  Think of it as a Google ‘like’ button. For builders who expect to have a place in the online market, implementing the “+1” button on every new home on your site is the simplest way to start engaging with the search engine giant’s answer to social media. Google defines the +1 as a feature to help people discover and share relevant content from the people they already know and trust. Users can +1 different types of content, including Google search results, websites, and even ads. Once users +1 a piece of content, it can be seen in Google search results as well as on websites with a +1 button. 

·         Search Plus Your World: The launch of Search Plus your World tailors individuals' search results to meet their needs. Anyone who is signed into their Google account when conducting a search will notice a "personal results" section derived from information found on Google+.

·         Search Engine Optimization: Google+ is another big boost for your company's search engine optimization strategy. To use it effectively, make sure your title and all information are filled in correctly and with keywords; load relevant photos; link to all of your social media networks, websites and blogs; update your page frequently and promote your page on other channels.

·         Show Off: Show off your business with cover photos. This space is similar to Facebook's cover photos, and is another way to show users quick facts about your company, reinforce brand image and more.

·         Making it Local: Google local information can now be displayed on Google+ business pages. This means even easier access for potential clients to useful information about your company and recent user reviews. This feature also helps businesses connect with their users upon their approval instead of just spamming them with ads.

Yes, Google+ has had a lackluster start. But, try to think of Google+ as not just a social network but as a social search engine network that brings a social layer to all things Google. 

For more information on building your home building company's brand through Pinterest, make sure to ASK Carol! East Coast Carol (aka Carol Morgan Flammer) can be reached at or West Coast Carol (aka Carol Ruiz) can be reached at 

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