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YouTube Your Way To Success

Friday, June 19, 2015 / AskCarol

YouTube Your Way To Success

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web and the third most popular website in the world. According to YouTube, every day the site generates over a billion views. The number of hours people watch YouTube videos is up 50 percent year over year so if your company is not already on YouTube, you need to be.

For home builders, there is no better way of promoting your brand and getting your product out there in the public eye by visually showing off your homes in a video. The potential YouTube can have for your company can improve your search engine rankings, revitalize your current customers and attract new ones. Think of YouTube as a long-term public relations strategy, rather than working on just one sale.

With videos, homes can sell themselves and are much more visual than decorative descriptions on your website. It is an excellent place to upload client testimonials. Video testimonials are much more convincing that written testimonials because it is harder to determine if they were actually said by real customers.

YouTube allows you to add a personal touch to your marketing strategy. Think about the possibilities. You can take your clients on home tours and show them the complete package. Allow them inside a work in progress to keep them updated on a new development or sneak a peek of behind the scenes footage of building a home. You can get personal and interview the company higher-ups. You can even use YouTube videos to announce new and exciting news instead of a traditional news release. Videos make information more entertaining, convincing, and makes your company more relatable.

Okay so you like what YouTube can do for your company but don’t know where to start?

First sign up with an existing company Gmail account because this will integrate with your company  Google+ page. Next you must select a username and channel name. It is best to use your business’s name or specific key words in your industry such as home builder or new build communities. After that make sure that you write a description for your channel that will help your audience understand what your channel is all about. It’s a good idea to already have a short video or teaser made that you can immediately add when you make your YouTube channel to also show people what your channel is about. You will also have the chance to pick a specific category for your channel where you would pick the most appropriate category for your company.

To optimize your YouTube page, it is best to include your company website URL at the top of your video description in the “About Us” section to get followers to click on your website. DO NOT put your website at the bottom if you do it is likely that no one will see it, because they will have to click “more” to see the whole description and most people don’t take the time to do that. Also make sure that it is a clickable link so that your audience can be on your page in one click.

*Once your YouTube account is made make sure to include the URL for your channel in all of your marketing material including other social media platforms.


Focus specifically on what your clients and prospects are looking for and serve their needs. Stay away from making then infomercial types which can be easy to slip into if you are selling a product, but these types of videos don’t interest people and will not get shared. The most viewed videos are five minutes or fewer.

Tips once you upload your video:

·         YouTube has many tools to use to edit your videos such as a “correct shakiness” to make action shots more stable, an auto improve quality enhancement and many more.

·         Think of the title of your video as a headline and the description of your video is like the first paragraph of a news release. It should be enticing and use key words.

·         Make sure your privacy setting is set to public or no one will see your videos but you. If you are still working on a video and don’t want to release it to the public then you would set to private.

·         One you have a variety of videos on your channel, you can select a few of your best as “feature videos.”

·         One of the most important things is to share your video post on all of your social media accounts to get content seen on more platforms. You can also ask viewers to share your video to get even more people to see it.


What is also great about YouTube are the reports it generates to show you details about your performance similar to Google+. By clicking on “analytics: under the video manager tab you can see all of the information on your viewers such as the demographics, location, age, and gender of your viewers to help you get a better idea of who your audience. It shows you many more stats such as the number of people who visited your website from your video, shares, new subscribers. All of this information will help you make even better videos for your audience in the future.

YouTube can help you create engaging content and by sharing your videos on social media it will help you expand your audience and entertain your current customers. With a little bit of time, your investment can pay off big! For help with creating a Youtube account or channel, find more information at or   Ask Carol! at

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