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2020 Home Design Trends Wrapped

Monday, January 25, 2021 / Home Design Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on how we live our day to day lives. And one place where we can see a lot of the change happening for ourselves is within our homes. From the way we work, to the way we exercise, to the way we recreate. Our homes have had to adapt in ways that we never thought possible resulting in some pretty unique trends in design and functionality both inside and out. That’s why we’ve reached out to the experts in home trends from Dallas to Sacramento to help our readers reflect on some of the best and worst design trends of the year. So sit back and enjoy 2020 design trends wrapped.

Board formed concrete

PIP concrete with wood boarding applied during the curing process adds texture and interest to a rudimentary/industrial building material, and adds a unique custom detail to the space. - Citron Design Group

Cane furniture

Why? Because sustainability is important - especially at home. Not to mention the look of cane furniture and accents provides an element of a tropical oasis and who doesn’t want to feel like they are on vacation while at home. It’s also a very durable product and can be done in a variety of ways making it accessible to many different types of people. - Styled Out West

Dual Master Suites

One trend we are seeing more and more of is the dual master suite which is located both on the first floor and second floor, giving the home the type of versatility buyers crave. With so many first-floor bedroom master suites being built, it was clear that builders were targeting the type of buyer who wouldn't want to walk up the stairs. This became a problem for a lot of buyers who didn't want their master on the first floor. Builders began introducing the Dual Master Suite ensuring that no matter the buyer's preference they had the opportunity to choose which Master Suite they wanted to use. - Raleigh Realty


A holistic design approach that promotes wellness and sustainability.  This trend focuses on the human connection to nature and features elements of the natural world into built spaces.  Greenery, water, light and natural local materials can be used to bring this trend to life.  This design aesthetic can be used to reduce stress, expedite healing and improve cognitive function - areas of much need as we move forward! - Kingdom Construction & Remodel

Multi-functional outdoor spaces

Multi-functional outdoor living spaces are becoming a popular design staple in homes across the globe. More homeowners recognize that the spaces they live in do not need to be restricted to the walls surrounding them. Creating an outdoor living space provides a change of scenery while bringing the comfort of an indoor setting right to your backyard.  Outdoor living spaces allow you the freedom to be creative in setting the scene for the ideal atmosphere that suits your lifestyle. Enjoy preparing family meals on the outdoor grill, get lost in a good book in your reading nook, or set a serene space for meditation and yoga. - New Homes Directory

Unique “eye-catching” elements

2020 was a year we found ourselves spending a lot more time at home staring at our four walls. Maybe that's why most new design trends helped end the grey on grey color palette that's been so popular for the past decade. Adding unique elements to a space helps reflect the homeowner's personality, and we embrace these interesting new trends. Wallpaper is now able to be printed on a variety of materials creating an endless variety of patterns and textures, florals being dominant in 2020. Tactile accessories stimulate multiple senses: bold patterned pillows in plush fabric, art pieces in soothing mixed metals, light fixtures with glittery crystals, and faux fur throws for a luxurious wrap, were just some of our favorites. - Annie Santulli Designs

Extra storage space

COVID has made all of us appreciate being home and thus there is more cooking and exercising at home. More cooking means more small appliances and more need for food. This in turn leads to a big need for storage solutions. Storage not just for food but for dumbbells and any workout equipment purchased to make way for homer workouts.

2021 is going to see a surge in requests to find ways to better store and put away our new tools and equipment so our spaces feel more fluid and multi-functional for our needs. - SeaCoast Construction

Wood tones and black finishes

Two of the biggest design trends we saw gaining momentum in Los Angeles in 2020 were black exterior houses and natural wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. We have to say, we love both and expect to see both a lot more in 2021. The black exterior paint instantly makes an older home more modern and it really stands out! We also really love the light-colored wood cabinets versus painted cabinets as we have seen the paint chips and don’t hold up as well for re-sale. - Doug & Ashley, Redesign Residential 

Coffee-stained wood tones, matte black finishes, and metals are emerging as the next big trend in kitchens. We’ll begin to see wood finishes on islands and cabinet boxes framing contrasting door faces, blurring the line between distinct combination looks. Cabinet doors and entire cabinets will also emerge in dark, matte metal and become huge in the kitchen. A warm crafted feel will be dominant in this modern Scandinavian look. Expect to see more aluminum, stainless steel, and matte black metal. - LuxePros

Smart Furniture

One of the notable trends we saw in 2020 was the adoption of 'smart' furniture; items with integrated technology and features. With the pandemic driving a huge increase in home working, this was especially true for home office desks. Helpful features such as wireless phone charging and integrated Bluetooth technology to connect devices all helped to bring the home office into the 21st century, making working from home easier than ever. We predict this trend will become mainstream as the shift from office to home working continues into 2021 and beyond. - Wooden Furniture Store

Integrated hardware

2020 has become a year of home. People had to spend a lot of time at home which resulted in a significant increase of attention to home interior. Staying at home helped people to notice a lot of things they would never see in the rush of a “normal” home-to-office routine. The main change is related to the free space we have (or haven’t) in our homes. Integrated hardware, as one of the examples, helps to remove unnecessary elements and allow this space for humans, not items. The integrated kitchen is an obvious trend in 2020. - Planner 5D


2020 was really a year of sustainability and respect for nature, Interior design trends have followed the same theme and it will continue to gain momentum in 2021. Things like minimalism in design, clean straight line finishes, wooden textures & furniture and design that enhances our connection with nature and the earth will be in vogue in the new year. - The Studio Bangalore

Functional spaces

2020 saw our homes increasingly become part of our professional space, whilst simultaneously also supporting our emotional need to unwind and relax. We saw a significant increase in multifunctional spaces that support working from home, and also noted an upturn in highly considered home cinemas. The spaces that we used to occupy outside of our home now need to form part of our homes. With this renewed focus upon in-home diversification, we predict that 2021 will see a return of more contrasting zones including formal dining rooms. 2021 will see open plan spaces giving way to multifunctional, and multi-zonal living which allows us to create alternative moods for different in-home experiences. - Rachel Usher Interior Design


Being at home through most of 2020 has confronted everyone with the reality of how the function of their space (or more often, don’t function) for themselves, their family, and/or their lifestyle. I think what’s OUT for 2020 is designing spaces with aesthetics as the primary concern. What’s IN for 2021 (and hopefully forevermore) is designing spaces from a humanistic perspective that puts an emphasis on user experiences like excellent space planning and appropriate material selections for ease of maintenance, and allowing the design to take shape ergonomically in a way that also highlights the client’s aesthetic tastes. - Shana Cunningham Designs

As we transition out of 2020 into 2021, multifunctional spaces will continue to be a trend. However, I would not recommend placing a television above a fireplace in order to save space and transform your living room.  Not only is it a neck bender, a television is a distraction from such a charming focal point and defeats the relaxing and soothing effects a fireplace offers. A fireplace provides the intimate, warm, and friendly experience we all are craving in these unprecedented times. - Romanza Interior Design

Charcoal gray tones

In 2020, we saw charcoal gray become a popular paint color for home interior use. It's an unexpected neutral that makes a stronger statement than the usual beiges and whites, and in addition to practicality--it hides stray scuffs and marks!---it serves as an elegant backdrop for gold or brass, pops of color, or lighter neutrals. For the coming year, we foresee globally-inspired decor becoming a major trend. As people get excited to plan travel again after the pandemic, they'll be similarly moved to decorate their homes in the styles of far-flung locales---and that fresh coat of charcoal gray paint will serve as the perfect backdrop! - Blissful Interior Design


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