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Demister Mirrors Prevent Fog Mirror in the bathroom

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 / Demister pad, demister mirrors, demister pads, demister mirror, mirror demister, mirror demisters, Heated mirror, heated mirrors, heated bathroom mirrors, bathroom heated mirror, heated mirror bathroom, bathroom mirror heated, heated bathroom mirror, heat

Demister mirrors prevent mist and fog in your bathroom. Mirrors are perhaps one of the most significant components in your bathroom. It is where you measure your added pounds and the discarded ones, where you admire and criticize yourself. It is something that you regard as a personal secret keeper. Suppose you have an exciting date for the night. How do you feel when you come in front of your mirror after a long hot bath and find it all misty and foggy? Irritating, I bet because I feel the same. Nevertheless it is a common and conceivably a very frequent occurrence with you. Mirror demisters help you get rid of this problem almost permanently.


Demisting of bathroom mirrors are done by fixing demisting pads behind the mirrors. They are very easy to install and useful too. Some of the demisting pads can be installed by pealing off the back and sticking it at the rear of the mirrors. The only condition is that the pad be in contact with the silver side of the mirror. Any type of mirror can be demisted using these heating pads.


Generally, the heating pads are connected to the light circuits, so they do not stay on all the time. Only when you turn on the lights, does the heating pad come alive. They start in 2-3 minutes and avoid any misting.


Apart from vanity mirrors, there are other wares in a bathroom that you keep for comfort and also as bathroom furniture. Lost are the days when bathrooms used to be just a necessity. Nowadays it is one more room where you can showcase your adeptness at fashion and style. You can furnish your bathroom in the most current fashion; even create your own style by (maybe) planting saplings or placing pretty marbles or pieces of flat colorful stones in the corners of your bathroom.


You can try being a little unconventional while choosing your washbasin, toilet ware, cabinets or shower cubicle. But while furnishing a bathroom, please take care that you don't overdo it and crowd your space. The new trend is using wicker for making bathroom cabinets. You can also use contemporary sanitary ware which has sleek and sharp contours and uses subtle as well as vivid color combinations.


Demister pads keep off the misting of mirrors, which keeps the mirrors clear and you don't have to wipe them clean every time you want to see your smart self. A bathroom can be a piece of private heaven, if decorated sensibly.

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