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Fogless Mirror for Bathroom

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 / fogless mirror, heat pad, fog free mirror, bathroom mirror


Fogless mirror for your bathroom, which is solved all your fog-up troubles.  A fogged mirror is what you get every single time you step out of the shower. Because of the steam and moisture generated by the flowing water in the bathroom, you get to see fog cover the whole bathroom mirror after you shower.


There are simple and easy ways to combat fog in the bathroom and keep your mirrors as free as a whistle. You can place a towel over the mirror and let it absorb the moisture before it reaches the surface of the mirror. Simply cover the mirror with your towel or you can place clips on the sides of the mirror to hold them up. Be careful though not to cause cracks in the mirror and to handle them carefully so you will not injure yourself.

Alternatively, you may want to try fogless mirror that you can use in your bathroom. Fogless mirror in every bathroom means you'll never have to wipe of your mirror after a shower or bath it’s an everyday problem, after a relaxing shower your mirrors are foggy and practically opaque. Every morning you wipe off the fog, leaving a streaked mirror that is unsightly. You can clean it daily or see that streaked mirror the next time you. Using mirror fogless, you do not worry your bathroom mirror fog-up.

These pads can easily be fitted behind the bathroom mirrors and adequately heat the mirrors up to room temperature to prevent any fogging. Heat pads are ultra thin pads that can be switched on as you step into the bath. Generally the pads heat up an area 10-12% more area than their size.

How the fogless mirror works is simple. Once you install the unit, you merely flick a switch and the heater will do the rest. The device connects to the light switch, which when you turn on the bathroom light the heater pad will instantly activate.

The installation of these pads is very simple. Clean up the rear of the bathroom mirror and stick the heat pads on the back of the wall mirror panel. Plug in the pad to electricity switch. Switch on the power supply whenever you need to heat up the mirror.

After you shower, you can see there is no fog, and the heat pad keeps your bathroom mirror fogless. It is such a nuisance and a little of a pet peeve to see fogged up mirrors and it will definitely be a refreshing new change to your day when you start facing the bathroom mirror and see that it is fog-free even after you shower. Instead of spending time clearing up the fog, you can now do something about it and actually prevent fog from forming on your bathroom mirror.

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