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How to build a new home in Austin?

Monday, September 06, 2021 / Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes

Building a new home is an exciting time. Before the actual construction starts, you often have already completed a lot of preparation. At Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes, we are therefore happy to take the preparatory paperwork off your hands. We will arrange the complete permit application* in consultation with you. Moreover, we guarantee a streamlined construction process down to the last detail during construction. We like to make the construction of your new-build home as fun and easy as possible so that you can entirely focus on choosing the details and finishing your home.

1. Buying a new-build home is surprisingly affordable

The starting point when buying a new-build home is determining your budget. You have probably already sat down with a mortgage advisor to determine your financial situation. This way, you can look for a new-build home that not only suits you but also fits your budget. Of course, you would also like to know what (additional) costs are involved when building a new-build home. Your mortgage advisor can also inform you about this. If you have a financial picture and have found a suitable plot, you can design your own house online with us. With the help of a handy tool, you can design your dream home in a few steps. Would you like to build a notary house, for example? Then you choose housing type GL3. You can then compose this house completely according to your wishes, and you will also immediately see what the house will cost. By adjusting the version and choosing the desired options, you can easily customize the home that fits exactly within your budget. You will soon discover that buying a new-build home is surprisingly affordable!

2. Building a new-build home is streamlined

Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes combines the advantages of prefabrication with traditional construction. This allows us to build a new-build home according to a streamlined building process, and at the same time, you have a home that completely suits you. The nice thing is that with us, you are assured of guaranteed delivery date and that you know exactly in advance what your home will cost. This streamlined and clear process makes building a new-build home a lot more fun and easier!

3. You know exactly what your new-build home will cost

Building a new-build home is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That is why you must have a good idea in advance: what will my custom home builder cost? At Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes, we are very clear about this. We work with fixed prices for our different housing types. All you have to do is put together your ideal home on our website, and our calculation module will do the rest. And the great thing is: you only have to pay these building costs upon completion. Of course, you still have to take extra costs into account when building a new-build home. This includes fees (varies per municipality), the installation of a kitchen, finishing of walls and floors, landscaping, and of course, the home's interior design. The main thing here is that you can make it – depending on your budget – as expensive or cheap as you want.

4. We are very experienced in building a new-build home

To make building a new-build home as easy as possible, we guide you throughout the entire construction process. And that already starts in the preparatory phase. We want to give you four tips:

√ Tip 1: Do realistic financial planning. You do not want to be faced with surprises later, so make sure that you have a good idea of ​​the costs in advance. Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes is happy to help you with this. In addition to the calculation module on our website, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities of building a new-build home with Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes without obligation.

√  Tip 2: Compare different parties with each other and take your time. Notary fees, for example, can vary widely, but mortgage brokerage costs and construction costs also vary enormously. If you choose Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes, you can be sure that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises during the construction process. We work with fixed prices, and thanks to our years of experience and streamlined construction process, and we can guarantee the delivery date. This ensures a high rating by our customers!

√  Tip 3: Only work with reliable parties. Be well informed and always ask questions if something is not clear. Then you can be sure that your new-build home will be exactly the way you want it. At Zbranek And Holt Custom Homes, we want you to make an informed choice. That is why we have built 5 model homes next to our company in Emmeloord that you can view without obligation. Here you can take a good look at the homes inside and out, and you will get a perfect impression of our working method. So come by the coffee is ready!

Want even more tips for building your own new-build home? Contact one of our Custom Home Builders Austin or request the house book for more information!

Published by : Steve Zbranek
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