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Last Chance Incentive!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 / Epcon Communties

Begining of Year Incentive Ends April 30th!
Contact your Salse Consultant for more details.
Lexington Villas: Jennah Wells - (803) 520-4381
Peach Grove Villas: Levi Weisser - (803) 223-9545

We are very excited to announce that around May 15th NEW Buildings will be starting in Lexington Villas!

So, come out to see all the new constuction! While you're here I can give you a tour of our Cantebury and Abbey models as well as show you some homes that are in dry-wall. Become a Resident today and take advantage of our Incentive Offer!

Published by : Epcon Communities NE Columbia, SC
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