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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 / Kovach Marketing

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Seeking to expand its customer base and create increased awareness of its enhanced capabilities among current customers, PLACE, a nonprofit developer that works with cities to build green and affordable housing, has selected Newport Beach-based Kovach Marketing to develop and launch a self-funded, multi-faceted marketing campaign to raise awareness for their cause.


PLACE is a national, publicly-supported nonprofit organization working with communities to create mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods. PLACE works with city governments and community leaders and their team is actively engaged in the creation of state-of-the-art, sustainable communities for artists and creative businesses.


Kovach Marketing has been entrusted with communicating the story of PLACE and developing a self-funding marketing program to allow PLACE to continue its outreach of creating sustainable communities from inception to occupancy across the US and throughout the world.  Kovach Marketing will apply its unique Creative Intelligence methodology to all aspects of marketing, from the development of communication strategies, public relations strategies and online marketing plans to customer outreach through direct mail, print, on-site marketing and collateral materials.


“Kovach Marketing impressed us with their unique creative approach to marketing,” stated Chris Velasco, PLACE President and CEO. “They listen, they interpret, and then they speak. And the results are very carefully targeted at the constituents we serve.”


Dana Lee Kovach, president of Kovach Marketing, commented, “We were inspired by PLACE and honored to join their team to help them extending their incredible vision, setting new industry standards for passionate designs for healthy, vibrant new cities, communities and neighborhoods.”


PLACE® is a nonprofit organization that works with cities to create leading-edge communities that promote the arts, environmentalism and social justice. Through a community-driven, ethically-focused process, PLACE develops new models for urban neighborhoods that demonstrate the best practices in environmental design, live/work development for artists and creative businesses, affordable workforce housing, and supportive housing for the most economically distressed. Their vision is to change the way communities are made.  For more information, visit them online at


As a member of Kovach Group of Companies, Kovach Marketing is a strategic marketing firm, a group of multidimensional, multi-talented professionals who have been providing effective marketing solutions for their clients since 1990. Kovach Marketing continues to demonstrate to their clients that it is not just the campaign budget, a celebrity endorsement, or the size of the marketing firm that translates into meaningful, lasting success; it is their special process of understanding the customer at a nuanced level (intelligence), and allowing that insight to drive the creative expression. As part of this “creative intelligence” process, the Kovach team listens to their clients, analyzes market trends and develops comprehensive programs to fully achieve marketing objectives.


With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Dana Kovach is a successful Orange County woman business owner and the inspiration behind Kovach Marketing. Her leadership has been instrumental in creating effective communication and corporate identity programs for an impressive roster of Southern California clients.


Additional information regarding Kovach Marketing is available by calling Brian Newquist at 949-757-2870. Further details may be obtained by visiting


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