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The 5 best tips for renovating your home

Friday, September 16, 2022 / Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes

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Bought a house that you want to renovate, invested in a real estate project, or does your current home need a (thorough) refurbishment? There is a lot involved in a renovation. But don't know how to get started? Here are our 5 best tips for renovating your home.

Types of renovations
Before we get into our tips for renovating your home, it's important to mention that there are 2 major categories of renovations. The first category is annual wear and tear. There are things in your home that need to be replaced regularly. Examples of this are a roof, electricity, and the water boiler. The second category of renovations is renovations that you carry out to give your home a makeover with the main aim of increasing its value. The so-called embellishments. Both types of renovation require a thoughtful approach. With these 5 tips, you can start preparing for your home's renovation.

5 tips when renovating your home

1. Have a clear goal in mind
You don't just start a renovation. Renovating a home takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, you must have a clear goal in mind so that you do not suddenly change your mind during the renovation and completely change course. Be inspired, collect enough information, talk to different experts, and ask for input from your environment. Then put everything together and study each choice. Weigh the pros and cons of each decision and make sure you are 100% behind your final choice.

2. Make a plan
Renovating without planning is not a good idea. Remodeling happens in a certain order. For example, it is important to start with the basic works, such as the insulation work or the repair of a roof. Only afterward can interior works, for example, the installation of a new kitchen or bathroom, and the renovation of the exterior design begin. The finish is only discussed last. If you don't plan, you'll skip steps that can get you stuck in the renovation process. This will cause not only additional stress but also additional costs. So work systematically to make adjustments in time where necessary and avoid increasing costs.

3. A budget for your renovation
The financial picture is very important when it comes to renovation. That is why it is important to have a clear goal. You can set a better budget when you know exactly which work you want to carry out. It would be a shame to stop the renovation because there is no more budget.

Your current financial status
First, you will have to look at how you stand financially. What budget can you effectively spend on renovation works? Should you consider taking out a loan? In addition, is there a margin to exceed the budget? During renovation work, you often come across surprises. It is therefore recommended to have 10 to 15% of the budget in reserve. Also, check whether you are not entitled to certain premiums, such as the energy premium or a bonus for a total renovation.

Compare quotes from contractors
Once you have determined that, you can see for which works you will call on a renovation company and which you can carry out yourself. When you hire a custom home builder, always request at least 3 quotes. In addition, check whether the quotations are complete so that later additional costs during the execution of the works can be excluded. This way, you can better compare and consider prices. The best choice is, of course, a good price/quality ratio. References can help you make this choice easier. In addition, try to go for a local custom home builders Austin to keep transportation costs low. Can't figure it out yourself? An architect can help draw up this equation.

Keep an eye on the financial picture
During renovation works, it is crucial to keep track of the finances and to monitor them properly. This way, you will never be faced with surprises and always know where you stand.

4. Weigh what you can do yourself
If possible, try to do (smaller) works yourself as much as possible. You really shouldn't outsource everything to professionals. Especially preparatory work, demolition work, and the clean-up afterward are easy. Ask the family to lend a hand.

5. Call on experts where necessary
Some works you can do yourself; for others, it is advisable to call on experts. Financially an additional cost, but it can save you time and problems afterward. When you engage professionals, it is mandatory that the delivery date, and therefore an end date, is laid down in a contract. An architect requires an extra budget but saves you at least as much if you call them in time. They know where the stumbling blocks may lie during renovation and renovation work and views a home from a different perspective. There are also companies specializing in renovation work, the so-called turn-key renovation. They take care of everything from start to finish. From planning to implementation to coordination.

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