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The Bathroom Trends of 21 Century

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 / steam free mirror,mist free mirror,bathroom mirror defoggers,fogless mirror

The latest trend in redesigning the bath is creating an environment for both physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Whirlpools, steam showers, towel warmers, warming floors, steam-free mirrors, chromatherapy, bathroom entertainment centers and bath fireplaces are just some of the innovative gadgets that have made the modern bath into a home spa where one can relax the body and enliven the spirit.

Steam Shower

For centuries steam baths have been used to promote good health.. Now one can enjoy a sumptuous steam bath, a full-dimensional back massage and experience a multi-head shower, all from the same unit, not much larger than a conventional showerhead. The Steam Shower unit ranges in style from contemporary to elegant. Units can even be equipped with a radio, phone, remote control, and connections for a CD player.

Warming Floor

Remember that chilling feeling stepping out of the bath onto a cold floor. Today's solution is the Electric Warming Floor, which not only will warm the cold tile floor but also fills the entire bathroom with warmth. Imagine never having to experience stepping barefoot on a cold tile floor again. The Electric Warming Floor is energy efficient, relatively easy to install and entirely safe.

Steam-Free Mirror

One can now purchase electric bathroom mirror defoggers. A defogger is set to come on with the bathroom light switch. The system then produces a warming action that prevents steam from forming on the mirror. No longer does one have to wipe or blow-dry the mirror in order to see their image.

Bathtubs and Whirlpools

Imagine climbing into a bathtub that is padded and cushioned to be ultra soft and comfortable. And the best part, the more hot water fills the bath the softer it becomes.

Without a doubt there is a great range of options now available to transform the ordinary bathroom into a luxurious, and therapeutic retreat. There will be many challenging decisions to make. Lighting, colors, fixtures, conveniences, and costs, are some of the factors you will need to ponder. Well thought out planning will enable you to design a beautiful, and functional home spa environment that will provide the ultimate luxuriation.


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