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Timberlane Halts Manufacturing of Shutters to Temporarily Provide Medical Supplies

Thursday, April 09, 2020 / Timberlane

The exterior manufacturing company, Timberlane has made a pivotal shift in its product production in order to help meet the needs of several medical professionals who are on the front lines with PPE equipment. Timberlane is now providing medical safety supplies such as full-length disposable face shields and polycarbonate intubation shields at a cost in order to help those in the medical industry as well as other essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As many navigate through these uncertain times and require critical medical supplies, Timberlane is doing what they can to help fight this virus and keep the nation safe. These minimally-designed medical supplies offer users a safe, ready-to-go solution to allow them to continue working hard. Each product is medically designed to keep both the medical staff and its patients safe from exposure during routine procedures related to the Coronavirus.

During the production process, employees at Timberlane are following the strict guidelines provided by the CDC to help prevent the spread of illness and has increased its cleaning and sanitation measurements throughout their location. All employees have been encouraged to practice safe hygiene and take all of the necessary precautions as well as practice social distancing in the workplace. Timberlane has no intention of profiting from any of the sales received from the medical supplies that they manufacture. Nor do they plan on using the designs or products beyond this urgent need to supply essential workers during this time. 

Although medical supplies are not the norm for Timberlane, they are temporarily offering these products with hopes to meet an urgent and vital need until manufacturing and supply chain companies can meet the new and very vigorous demand levels that are required to combat COVID-19. If you would like to help become part of the solution and donate medical supplies to essential workers in need, you are more than welcome to donate through Timberlane’s easy to use donation process by visiting

Published by : Erin Bowser
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