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Passive House Consultants on Staff at ZeroEnergy Design

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 / Green Homes ZeroEnergy Design

ZeroEnergy Design, an architecture and mechanical design firm, congratulates principals Stephanie Horowitz, AIA and Jordan Goldman, LEED AP, on their official certification as Passive House Consultants, which qualifies them to implement the Passive House Standard.

The standard is a design methodology that champions a super insulated, airtight home or building that uses 70-90% less energy for heating than a conventional new home or building. This high performance standard is achieved through maximized passive solar gains, reduced heating loads, efficient ventilation of fresh air, and significant size and cost reduction of the heating system, which in some cases can be eliminated altogether.

The Passive House Institute US works to further implementation of the Passive House Standard which they describe as “the most rigorous building energy standard in the world.

“Rather than investing in an expensive heating and cooling system that needs an ongoing supply of energy to operate, the Passive House Standard helps to shift that investment into the insulation, airsealing, and windows of the house, or the ‘passive’ parts of the home. The result is a building shell that conserves so much that the energy required to heat and cool the space becomes very small,” says Jordan Goldman, Engineering Principal at ZeroEnergy Design.

Originating in Germany where over 6,000 homes are certified, the Passive House Standard only recently arrived in the US but is primed for growth. “We have several homes in the design process now targeting the Passive House Standard,” said Stephanie Horowitz, Managing Director at ZeroEnergy Design. “Our firm has seen a huge boom in interest as the public has become more aware of the standard’s excellence. With two certified consultants on staff, we’ll be well positioned to serve this growing market.”

About the Consultants:
ZeroEnergy Design, an architecture and mechanical engineering firm, designs and consults on high performance residences and buildings. The unique collaboration between in-house architects, mechanical engineers, and financial analysts drives a competitive advantage and enables the firm to deliver fully integrated design services. Green and energy certifications facilitated by the staff include Energy Star, LEED, NAHB Green Building Standard, Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, and the Passive House Standard.

Press contact:
Emile Chin-Dickey
617-720-5002 *101
ZeroEnergy Design

Certified Passive House™ and the related Logo are certification marks
owned by the Passive House Institute US | PHIUS and is used by permission.
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ZED provides green home design for new modern homes and renovations. Our full suite of services includes architecture, mechanical engineering, and financial & lifecycle cost analysis for zero energy homes, deep energy retrofits, and Passive Houses.

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