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Jennah Wells Wins Myers Barnes Super Achiever Award

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 /

Columbia, South Carolina new home salesperson Jennah Wells wins Myers Barnes Super Achiever Award at this year’s national Epcon Communities conference.   The Columbia, SC based new home salesperson closed 11 new homes in the Columbia SC area in 2010.   This is more new home closings than 80% of Epcon Communities nationally.


In addition to her role as a new home sales person at two Columbia, SC new home communities Wells also serves as the customer relations specialist, handing questions from new home owners throughout the Columbia, South Carolina area.  Wells works at two Columbia, SC new home communities:  Peach Grove Villas and Lexington Villas.    She has been helping customers find their new maintenance free Epcon Communities home for 3 years.  


“She is a big part of our success at selling new homes in the Columbia, SC area” said Epcon Columbia Representative Daniel Elmaleh.   “With the customer service aspect of her job it’s a testament to who she is that she was able to have the success after closing so many new homes.  Well deserved.”

Epcon Communities is the nation's largest builder of for sale condos and the 30th largest new home builder in the US (source: Builder 100). Epcon Communities builds new homes in 30 states, including 10 South Carolina New Home Communities. This year marks Epcon Communities 25th anniversary. There are two new home communities in the Columbia, SC area.

For more information on Peach Grove Villas (a Columbia, SC New Home Community) visit:

For more information on Lexington Villas (a Columbia, SC New Home Community) visit:

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