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Sunrise Meadow Offers Good Things to Come

Monday, November 08, 2010 / LGI Homes

Sugarland, Texas…known for the high quality of life it offers residents, the city is the ideal location for many buyers. Fortunately, those who need to live in the outskirts can do so just minutes from the fun and fanfare of Sugarland, at Sunrise Meadow in Houston.

With the new development of prime retail, dining and entertainment just minutes away, homeowners in Sunrise Meadow will reap the benefits of what’s to come. This fabulous LGI Homes community is a stone’s throw from the heart of Sugarland and its future Grand Parkway. Still, LGI Homes is offering affordable new homes at Sunrise Meadow, with affordable monthly payments that may just make your jaw drop.

It’s true: LGI has made the dream of home ownership come true for scores of families, with offers like no down payment and a credit counseling program to put potential buyers on a faster track. In fact, they make it known that qualifying to own is easier than you may think. This is just one way that the professionals at LGI show they care. And with Sunrise Meadow, you’ll have a lasting memory of the day your dream came true; because this is a community that reminds you every day why you moved here in the first place.

To discuss your mortgage options with a LGI Homes counselor, contact Sunrise Meadow at (866) 779-4600, ext. 356. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you learn!

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