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Start the New Year in an Energy Plus Home

Friday, January 02, 2015 / Keystone Custom Homes

Heating Guarantee

The New Year is here, and resolutions have begun. For many, this may consist of saving money and paying debt off. Keystone Custom Homes builds energy-efficient homes and guarantees instant savings!

Keystone’s homes are built to Energy Plus standards that are designed to help save money year after year. The builder guarantees heating bills will not exceed $490 per year for the first two years of homeownership, or Keystone will pay the difference. That equals to a savings of up to $1,500 a year! That means a savings of $25,000 that can be used towards a new gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, upgraded floors or both!

How does Keystone Custom Homes guarantee these savings? Well, the builder uses Low Emittance coated windows which reflects heat and blocks harmful UV light. Additionally, the insulated exterior doors will keep out the cold, while a “Super Seal” method is used to seal wooden joints and block drafts. Everything from water heaters to roof trusses gets checked in an effort to create a comfortable and secure home.

Purchasing a new, Energy Plus Home will not only guarantee savings, but will allow families to enjoy the start to their New Year in a cozy home for the winter. For more information about Keystone’s Energy Plus construction and how to qualify for a heating guarantee, visit or call today at 877-513-0382.

*Only available on homes serviced by natural gas. Not available on homes which use a heating source other than natural gas (electric heat pump, propane, etc). The guarantee is based on the actual costs to heat the home and so the average non-heating costs per month will be eliminated from the total costs per year to determine the actual costs to heat.  Homeowner must collect 12 months of gas bills and determine the average cost per month for their gas bills between May and September. This monthly average cost will be used to determine non-heating costs (i.e. cooking, water heater, etc) and will be deducted from the total for the 12 months of expenses.  Should the homeowner’s annual heating bill exceed $490, they are to submit their calculations and copies of their bills to: for review. If the costs exceed the guarantee, Keystone will send a check to the homeowner for the amount that exceeded the guaranteed amount. Some restrictions apply. See New Home Advisor for complete details. 


Published by : Carol Morgan
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