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Build New or Remodel? Age Old Question Has New Relevance

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 / Palmieri Construction


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Cars, furniture and clothes are easily updated for what’s modern, but what happens when you realize your home is out of date, out of style or you are out of room?

Many homeowners find themselves faced with this reality and one simple question, should I remodel my house or buy a new one? The question maybe simple, the answer not so much.

“There’s no easy answer to the remodeling versus building new debate, because the decision depends on what you want out of your home and how long you plan to live in the remodel,” noted veteran West Palm Beach custom home builder Russ Palmieri of PalmCorp Construction, who also does high end renovations and remodels in Palm Beach County and South Florida.

Palmieri stresses that when deciding on building new or remodeling, you first need to know what’s most important to you and what type of home you want.  Then it’s choosing the right builder – one that not only understands but shares that vision.

“You need to ask yourself what you dislike about your existing home and why you’re considering a change,” said Palmieri who sits down and listens to every client to begin the process. “Our goal is to help our customers plan for their future with their home,”

A young family that’s growing and one where the kids have left the nest for good will likely need two very different homes. It may be more important to add on new bedrooms or to turn small, unused rooms into a larger space for entertaining. Sometimes people want to achieve a certain goal, like having room for a hot tub or adding large bay windows to take advantage of a great view.

“Whether a remodel or new custom construction we approach every project as unique, never forgetting whose home we are building or renovating,” said Palmieri. “Keeping a construction project on schedule requires a team effort and communication between the homeowner and contractor before, during and after.”

Knowing what you want can give you a good starting point to determine what you might need, such as a completely new construction, and it can help you prioritize your timeframe, budget and more.

Palmieri offers a few considerations:

1.     What are the most important features to have in your home, and how do you envision living in the space?

2.      How do emotional considerations affect your decision?

3.      Always discuss your financing options with a professional. The Internet doesn’t always provide correct information or the latest loan APRs. You may find a better deal by working with someone directly.

“While it’s tempting to start by asking if it is cheaper to remodel or build new, focusing purely on initial cost may end up hurting your long-term value and take options you love off the table,” said Palmieri.

Finally, how green you want to be can also help you decide about remodeling a house or building a new home.

Remodeling your home provides you with access to some innovations in the eco-friendly space, such as windows, siding and appliances. However, you might not be able to make many structural changes, such as replacing whole-home ventilation with a more efficient HVAC system.

Building a new home gives you the opportunity to make greener choices. You can ensure every wall has high-efficiency insulation, and that water-saving fixtures are used. You can downsize to reduce your overall impact.

“Both options have their advantages and challenges, meaning the best choice is the one that will serve the bigger picture,” he said. “By comparing the requirements, costs and intended use, the decision becomes a bit clearer.”

Palmieri has been developing exclusive residential neighborhoods, building custom single-family homes and remodeling including roofing all over Palm Beach County since 1966.

For more information contact PalmCorp Construction at (561) 429-4268 or Visit

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