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Friday, April 02, 2010 / Kovach Marketing

VENTURA, CA A dream has been fulfilled, and it will be celebrated on April 16 & 17 with two events spotlighting the opening of WĀV – Working Artists Ventura – a sustainable, state-of-the-art community designed for artists and creative businesses in Ventura, California. WĀV offers affordable living and working space for artists of every kind: painters, sculptors, dancers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and more. 


The celebration begins on Friday, April 16, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., with a VIP fundraising event honoring everyone who has supported WĀV’s mission to link places, arts, community and environment for an inspired future. Proceeds from this event will help further the dream and purchase needs for the WĀV Gallery and Theater. Tickets are limited to 200 and are available for a donation of $50 each a


That will be followed on Saturday, April 17, by the public dedication ceremony for WĀV at 6 p.m. during Ventura Artwalk. Everyone is invited to that event which is free of charge. Both the VIP fundraiser and the dedication ceremony will take place at WĀV, 175 S. Ventura Avenue in Ventura.


WĀV reflects the vision of PLACE® – Projects Linking Art, Community & Environment – an inspirational nonprofit organization dedicated to working with cities to create leading-edge communities that promote the arts, environmentalism and social justice.


“It is truly gratifying to see the community already flourishing at WĀV,” stated Chris Velasco, founder of PLACE. “WĀV has clearly met a tremendous need in Ventura, and the entire community will benefit from their presence through exhibits, performances, art education and cultural enrichment.”


With the community involved in every phase of development, the WĀV project has been created for diverse, mixed-income families and individuals. The community provides sixty-nine new affordable apartments, all serving low-income artists, families and individuals from across the region. Because artists need high ceilings, plentiful light and open space, they and their families find it particularly difficult to live and work in traditional affordable housing. That’s why WĀV offers fifty-four affordable units especially designed and funded for the needs of artists with families. Rents will adjust on a sliding scale, creating opportunities for people to have homes regardless of their income.


Market-rate condominiums with ocean views bring higher-income households to the community and help to cross capitalize the affordable components. Thirteen market-rate, for-sale spaces will offer ocean views and the net proceeds from the sale of these units will provide nearly $2 million in cross-subsidy to the affordable spaces. The entire community is designed and built to the highest standards of green building technology (seeking LEED™ Gold Award), including recycled building materials, car sharing, water and energy conservation, and renewable power from the sun.


Through a community-driven, ethically focused process, PLACE develops new models for urban neighborhoods that demonstrate the best practices in environmental design, live/work developments for artists and creative businesses, affordable workforce housing, and supportive housing for the most economically distressed. PLACE's projects blend the arts, environmentalism, community-driven development, live/work space, smart growth, small business development and affordable housing – all together in one, inspiring place. For more information about PLACE visit their website a

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