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Real Estate Auction Marketing Firm, LFC Group of Companies, Transforms the Auction Paradigm

Friday, October 24, 2008 / LFC Group of Companies

In light of current real estate market conditions, which include a nationwide credit crunch and growing numbers of foreclosures sweeping the country, LFC Group of Companies, a Newport Beach-based real estate auction company, is offering an inventive solution to developers, lenders, investors, and corporations looking to quickly sell commercial or residential real estate while achieving superior prices—a proprietary online auction process.

For over thirty years, the LFC Group of Companies has served as a real estate industry trailblazer, consistently providing clients with a way to stay a step ahead of the competition. LFC has emerged as a leader in innovation, offering a proprietary web-based auction marketing program that is unmatched by any traditional “Sealed Bid” or “Outcry” auction format. Providing more than just advertising, LFC boasts an accelerated marketing plan with both local and global reach, focusing buyers’ interest specifically on its clients’ products.

Some of the benefits of the online auction format include the following:

· Prospective buyers can place bids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a computer anywhere in the world.

· LFC’s patented Last Call® Bid Extension technology squeezes the market, adding an additional 18-26% to our client’s bottom line.

· LFC’s patented Media/Prospect Tracking System (MPTS) maximizes the value and effectiveness of an LFC auction marketing campaign by providing clients with real time statistics and metrics that assess ad response and buyer interest.

An online auction offers a smart way to sell, even in an economic downturn. “I believe we are a good two to three years away from any sort of stabilization in the real estate market,” predicts Richard Mason, a Senior Vice President with LFC. “With the election behind us and the Treasury Department’s asset purchase program in full swing, January of 2009 may be just the time that sellers have been waiting for, an opportunity to try and sell again as the market takes a breath from its downward spiral.”

While many sellers may let the flagging real estate market get them down, proactive sellers interested in an ambitious, effective, and unparalleled approach to marketing and selling real estate should contact LFC as soon as possible to begin a campaign in January of 2009.



Rich Mason

Senior Vice President, National Accounts




LFC Group of Companies— For over 30 years, the LFC Group of Companies have served numerous Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, investors, financial institutions and government agencies by auction marketing thousands of commercial, industrial, land and residential properties with an aggregate value well in excess of $5 billion.


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