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YouTube Themes That Will Captivate Your Home Buying Audience

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 / Real Estate

Every YouTube video you create is made with the sole purpose of helping homebuyers find their dream home and help you display your clients beautiful home to potential homebuyers. It’s a win, win for both the home seller and home buyer.

The next generation of homebuyers are very internet savvy and want something more than a billboard or newspaper ad.  Let’s face it; we are in the age of iPhones/Smart Phones that have applications that allow a user to do virtually anything right from their phone which includes looking at videos, social media and websites.  Here are 5 themes you can use to spoof up those YouTube home walkthroughs:

 Scrapbook: When you look at a scrapbook you get a sense of someone’s creative/fun side to show off their pictures. That is the essence that we were trying to capture to display the scrapbook theme video.

 Photo Album: Imagine yourself sitting with your grandma admiring pictures of yourself and family members in her photo album with the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies in the air. We want to give your new homebuyers this sense of “home” when they look at the photo album themed video.

 Film Strip: You’re a posh Realtor in the city and you just released a modern/hip condo listing meant for 20 something’s. To give your potential new homebuyers a mature vibe we suggest the film strip style theme.

 Bulletin Board: To give your new homebuyers a sense of care-free living we chose the bulletin board theme. You can use this theme for virtually any kind of home on the market.

 Comic Book: Zap! Bang! After watching the comic book theme you have a sense that the Realtor is jazzy and willing to take a few risks to reach potential new homebuyers needs.

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