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New Home Feed Changes Pricing Model - Core Functionality Now Free

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 / New Home Feed

San Francisco, CA - New Home Feed, the leading marketing technology for home builders and other real estate professionals to disseminate and manage home listings, recently announced a new pricing model. The core functionality of New Home Feed, called "New Home Feed Basic," is now free. Additional add-ons like enhanced reports, social media plug-ins, XML-feed generation, Craigslist listing-management, complete reporting, and 3rd-party developer opportunities are being introduced as "New Home Feed Plus."

New Home Feed was created to solve problems endemic to the real estate industry like how to simply and cost-effectively get homes for sale in front of buyers during the home search, how to easily let builders manage and update listings, and how to understand what listing websites perform best. One year after launching a beta version of New Home Feed, team identified opportunities for improvement. The top priority for changing the New Home Feed model was to increase market penetration, attract new users, and open the New Home Feed platform to new developers. A careful market analysis shows the new model will build the user base, and active online marketers will value the opportunities available with New Home Feed Plus such as optional add-ons, unique syndication services, and other enhancements.

"Our job is to help builders easily use all available web-based technologies to sell the most homes possible—and to be transparent about the results. That's why we built New Home Feed, and that's why we are so excited to introduce New Home Feed Basic, and New Home Feed Plus," said Rick Phillips, CEO of New Home Feed.

"Market conditions and user feedback suggest the real estate community will be best served if there is no entry cost to use New Home Feed. A free model, with optional enhancements available, will help everyone reach more prospects and sell more homes and the modestly priced 'New Home Feed Plus' will be very well received by marketers, analysis, and financial decision makers," said Alexandria Grote Phillips, the company's Chief Financial Officer.

New Home Feed users to register for "New Home Feed Basic" now get the following functionality: listing management, pay-to-list site management, syndication, dashboard reporting, generation of an XML feed. New Home Feed users to opt for "New Home Feed Plus" get everything included with New Home Feed Basic, plus: Full reporting including lead reporting, craigslist assistance, social media connectivity, assistance to get help uploading and managing listings, and access to third party apps.

Interested parties may register for New Home Feed at where more information is also available.

About New Home Feed

New Home Feed makes it easy to list homes for sale, manage inventory of homes for sale, and sell homes. New Home Feed users get robust, intuitive, easy-to-understand reports that provide users tips and advice on getting the most out of web marketing efforts. The pricing model is simple: New Home Feed is free. Builders may choose to opt for New Home Feed Plus and get enhanced features and access to add-ons that generate additional traffic and leads from the listings.

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