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New Home Feed Launches Banner Generation Tool - Real Estate Ad Network

Friday, March 01, 2013 / New Home Feed

San Francisco, CA, March 1, 2013 – New Home Feed, whose mission is to get users’ new homes in front of prospects, is launching a banner ad generation tool that syndicates to a real estate banner network. The banners are generated from new home listing data in New Home Feed. Retargeting is also included with this new service. Access to the real estate network is now available to New Home Feed users.

“This is a great new way to affordably build exposure for builder new home listings,” said marketing vice-president Robert O’Shaughnessy. “And we’re seeing significant traffic as well. So builders get the traditional benefit of banner ads – branding – and the added benefit of seriously respectable website traffic.”

The network includes over 1,000 real estate websites, and with retargeting technologies, builders can continue marketing to prospects who visited the website and continued their web browsing elsewhere online.

The ads are highly interactive. Prospects can easily scroll back and forth between listings and communities right from the ad, and can click directly to communities or new home plans of interest.O’Shaughnessy expects users to see “a CTR of about .3%, meaning the web traffic is comparable to what our clients see from Google AdWords.”

The CPM is $10 with a $1,000 minimum spend per campaign per month. Each campaign is geo-targeted to within 50 miles of the builder new home communities. Users can easily setup and launch the campaign right from New Home Feed, and the customer service team will help. Advanced customization opportunities are also available so users could target based on other demographics like income or education level. The targeting radius can also be adjusted.

The banner network is only available to users of New Home Feed. New Home Feed is a marketing tool that lets builders syndicate new home listings, manage inventory of homes for sale, take advantage of special pricing from vendors like Zillow, Trulia, and New Homes Directory, and post to social media outlets like Facebook and classifieds websites like Craigslist. Every user gets robust, intuitive, easy-tounderstand reports that provide users tips and advice on getting the most out of web marketing efforts.

“New Home Feed is the easiest way for builders to accurately provide buyers with the information they want,” said Rick Phillips, CEO of New Home Feed. “And I emphasize ‘easy.’ In keeping with this tradition, it was a natural fit for us to compliment what New Home Feed already does with this new way  to cost-effectively build awareness of our clients’ communities.”

Interested builders can get started or request a demo at

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